pentaBEYOND.  Visionary Planning for Holistic Living.

Specifically because of my intended use for their land, the Lucas Family Partnership has agreed to sell me their three and one-half acre property so that Complete Access can now endeavor to build the pentaBEYOND prototype on that spot. We opened escrow on July 2, 2012.

pentaBEYOND is five accessible housing communities. It is a vision I've nurtured that offers people with disabilities and their families, as well as senior citizens, a complete and empowering lifestyle via our building and operating multi-family dwellings imbued with compassion and advanced technology, training, healthcare, rehabilitative therapies, jobs and a profound energy and dedication to promoting productive, fulfilled living for all mankind.

This vision extends to propose that people with disabilities and seniors and able-bodied people can live together in such an environment, learning and collaborating to build beautiful, enriched, new communities.

It has been contemplated that the first five pentaBEYOND communities ought to be built in Hidalgo, Mexico; California, USA; Oregon, USA; Washington, USA; and British Columbia, Canada.

One of my principal Ojai advisors suggested I build the pentaBEYOND prototype in Ojai. Thus enlightened, I will diligently endeavor to assure that the 3.5 (or the combined 5.5) acres on East El Roblar, in Ojai, will serve as the bedrock to our bringing on-line, a scaled version of the grander vision, which contemplates that each community would contain:

+ 100 dwellings [less at the prototype - augmented at the prototype with rotational on-site housing (think camp for people with disabilities & their families, therapists & caregivers)]

+ Vocational Training Facilities (and jobs)

+ Rehabilitation Center

+ Agri-business

+ Commerce

+ Partnerships (and bi-lateral contracts) with municipalities, businesses, individuals, federal & state funding agencies, counties, corporations, charitable trusts, etc.

The pentaBEYOND prototype in Ojai will be faithfully designed and built to the rigorous standard of reduced dependence on petroleum products and a dedication to safe-guarding (and harnessing) natural resources.

From a technical perspective, the pentaBEYOND prototype will resourcefully strive to operate "off the grid" in that we will recycle every drop of water possible, and we will throw off more electrical volts than we consume. [With all of our resource surpluses and utility credits, we hope to barter for services provided by Ventura County government agencies.]

We will heat and chill our atmospheres via a simple, underground, geothermal array.

We will grow, eat and sell nutritious produce, spices, orchids, homeopathic remedies, and more. (We most-likely will not eat the orchids.)

We will provide nutritious, home-cooked meals to shut-in seniors (and the homeless) throughout Ventura County. pentaBEYOND will have a bakery.

We will champion cutting edge, compassionate therapies and push to percolate our healthcare initiatives and programs throughout the county so that many will benefit.

Our internet portal, CATV, will broadcast live and be interactive.

People with disabilities and senior citizens in our community will answer the phones and cries for help, and direct those in need to appropriate support service agencies.

We will provide (battery-powered/hybrid) wheelchair accessible van transit services and strive for expanding routes so that non-resident people with disabilities and seniors throughout Ventura county can spend time in pentaBEYOND for therapies, companionship, fellowship, work or spiritual healing.

We will take in, repair and refurbish used (but otherwise perfectly useful) wheelchairs, walkers and other durable medical equipment (and assistive technology devices) and then we will redistribute them, where needed. We will lobby Congress to compel an amendment to Medicare's charter, so that they will also pay in good faith, every legitimate durable medical equipment dealer throughout the United States providing "re-conditioned," well-functioning, durable medical equipment to qualified consumers.

pentaBEYOND is a "head's up" matrix of technology and humanity's soul. It is a "for-profit" enterprise and it will be profitable.

The essence of the five communities is embodied in the prototype. Volume is diminished, but certainly not any of the programs, facilities or derivative income streams.

With the guidance and insight provided to me, combined with my diligent investigation, research, and analysis of extensive business and financial information, I believe that:

a) it is possible that we could readily build, operate and derive robust income from the pentaBEYOND prototype in Ojai, California; and,

b) across the spectrum, essentially, the entire community will rally around our endeavor to assure a generous return for all involved parties, partners and participants.

Please study the layout rendering I drew (for the 3.5 acre parcel only) which is included herein as a pdf file. Of course, I will reconfigure the pentaBEYOND community prototype to span the 5.5 acre aggregate if we are able to obtain the 2 acre site directly across the road. I have faith that the Owner and I will close a deal on that property as well.

I am putting forth an articulate, "on-purpose" effort, and intend to leave no stone unturned, in order to give us the best chance of attaining the necessary Conditional Use Permit.

pentaBEYOND provides us with a teachable moment - for, and from our children; for, and from our grandparents; for, and from us all, that we have not lost sight of a path to a more wholesome way of being.

pentaBEYOND is a righteous undertaking. This entire project is right in my wheelhouse.

I am a seasoned general contractor specializing in accessibility and advanced technology and can (and will) build a substantial facility that would cost far more to construct if I were not its steward.

With one, dedicated, unified effort, a collective spirit embracing what is possible, and a concern for changing the dismal condition of healthcare and housing for people with disabilities and senior citizens in Ventura County, we could all come together in order to create a brilliant, vibrant community - pentaBEYOND.

pentaBEYOND is an organism - a coalition of regular folks extremely concerned for the hemorrhaging and dismal conditions of healthcare and housing for all of us - most particularly, people with disabilities and senior citizens.

pentaBEYOND will tell by way of action that we have not lost sight of what is most-precious to each of us.

pentaBEYOND will make informed decisions.

I heard a statistic at the H.O.M.E. Conference in Ventura this past May. Paraphrasing, it was that "Low income senior citizens in Ventura county receive twelve-thousand, something dollars per year to live - all in, for everything including food and healthcare; and that it costs twenty-four thousand something per year just for their bare essentials - all in."

The sum of every little thing done right leads to greatness (a concept I promote when coaching kids' basketball). By every little deed we do within (and beyond) pentaBEYOND, our community will vigorously and calmly confirm that love, kindness, good, common sense, compassion and a whole lot of business savvy, combined with a vision for what is possible, will result in positive change.

pentaBEYOND will help to shrink the greater than $12K deficit per senior citizen mentioned above with purposeful application of these five things:

1) An endeavor to drive down the cost of affordable housing by engaging advanced construction practices - including the maximization of resources and reduction of on-going operating costs via the systemized harnessing and recycling of natural elements.

2) Put our senior citizens (and people with disabilities) to work. They will earn money. Within pentaBEYOND and beyond our boarders, in Ventura County, there are thousands of extraordinary, spiritual, smart, engaging, wise, insightful, bright, aged souls. They have energy, desire and needs. We can cross-connect each one - nurturing them and learning from them. Every enduring oak tree has invigorated, anchoring roots.

3) Provide a better management system of healthcare resources and funded financial subsidies to mitigate the squandering of these shrinking assets.

4) Provide enriched, rehabilitative services, which we be implemented within pentaBEYOND, and simultaneously be broadcast as inter-active, in-home programs to assist those senior citizens in Ventura county (and everywhere) who do not have access, or cannot afford, physical therapy, occupational therapy, cognitive therapy and more.

5) Create an ombudsman program, staffed and co-operated by senior citizens, to help get out the word and to help.

History does repeat itself. pentaBEYOND can be as flint to the powder - the igniting spark of a new revolution.

The essence of the energy embodied within pentaBEYOND is the essence of each of us. pentaBEYOND is a change agent to help assure that every human being is given a chance to flourish and to be taken care of - despite his or her physical or mental condition, or age - despite their empty coin purse.

It is time to shake things up. Time is of the essence.

pentaBEYOND will be a vibrant, vital organism.

I hope you believe in this vision, as well as the earnestness of each of us dedicated to building and operating pentaBEYOND.

Together, we can make a difference by making this so. We will have satisfaction and so much fun.

Joy and good health.

Pass it on.

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