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Elevated Spirits.

I observe elevated spirits in people with disabilities.

I often note a positive outlook and an outpouring of profound, pure love from the individual family members of those who are disabled or frail.

How does this elevated spirit – manifesting a joie de vivre and higher purpose – spring from the root of a broken body?

What enables those people; whom many think would be bitter and dark, to have an incredible lightness of being despite the weight of their circumstances?

Many people believe when we die that our spirit leaves our body – leaving behind our lifeless, physical shell for a place where we are our better selves – unfettered, loving, selfless and free.

Perhaps when our body looses some degree of function, be that from illness or accident, a part of our spirit is let lose yet remains anchored.

We get a glimpse of an elevated spirit. Whether you call it our soul or our spirit or the forces within that drive us, we see our true, inner selves.

I see incredible will.

I see what others see and I learn from some of the more enlightened.

I pass it on as best I can and I try to live it day by day.