The Brain’s Root

You know how people often chat about the fact that we humans only use 10% of our brain, blah, blah, blah.

Well, I thought about that this morning. In most conversations, and even in movies such as “Phenomenon” using the “rest of our brain” manifests levitation, psychic power and genius.

I think that is there, but we’re skipping a step.

In all things nature, a strong root is the most vital element in assuring a hearty organism.

So, we must work to push down a strong root from the brain into the human being so that a firing synapse will trigger a tendon to move. That seems easier to achieve because we are working within the fertile human garden.

We can lengthen and fortify the brain’s root. In turn, the root will receive nourishment from the rest of the body. The infrastructure is all there. There are just detours and repairs to be made. Hell, if we can rebuild Iraq we ought to be able to do this.

Think about it.

(an editorial opinion)


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